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Quick Water Test Guide
Micmac Environmental Laboratory prides itsellf on providing outstanding service to our customers and has developed a convenient and easy 3-step water testing process:

  • Step 1: Browse our list of water testing packages/prices below and place your order.
  • Step 2: Collect a water sample using the test kit. (Everything you need to properly collect the water sample is included in the kit, including detailed water sample collection instructions and an alcohol pad to wipe your faucet free of bacteria that could contaminate your sample).
  • Step 3: Enclose a check or money order and mail the sample to us. (Included with the sample kit is a label with our address).

Within 3-5 business days we will mail you a copy of your test results. If desired, we will also fax or e-mail the results to you at no charge.

For a complete description of Water Test Kits, Click Here.

  • Bacteria Test Kit ($35.00)
  • Bacteria Priority ($45.00)
  • Safety Test Kit ($70.00)
  • Safety Test Plus Arsenic ($80.00)
  • Safety Test Plus Arsenic & Lead ($90.00)
  • Standard Test Kit ($135.00)
  • Standard Test Plus Arsenic ($145.00)
  • Standard Test Plus Arsenic & Lead ($155.00)
  • Federal Government Recommendation Test ($185.00)

Payment is not required until your submit your sample to the laboratory.