Micmac Laboratory

About Mi’kmaq (Micmac) Laboratory

Mi’kmaq (Micmac) Environmental Laboratory is owned and operated by the Mi’kmaq Nation Tribal Government. The laboratory was established by the Tribe to support the environmental testing needs of the Micmac Environmental Health Department, which administers environmental health programs, clean water, clean air, and natural resource management programs for Tribal owned properties.

Mi’kmaq (Micmac) Environmental Laboratory is equipped with state of the art laboratory instrumentation and performs all analytical work using U.S.. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) approved drinking water analysis methods. Micmac Environmental Laboratory follows quality assurance and quality control measures to ensure that all analytical results are of the highest quality and accuracy.

In August 2001, Mi’kmaq (Micmac) Environmental Laboratory was established and began testing Tribal water samples. In November 2002, Mi’kmaq (Micmac) Environmental Laboratory began providing water testing services to other Indian Tribes and the public. In May 2003, the Mi’kmaq Nation Tribal Council adopted a resolution authorizing the dedication of all laboratory revenue for the exclusive support of Tribal environmental programs.

Despite the relatively young age of Mi’kmaq (Micmac) Environmental Laboratory, Staff of the Mi’kmaq (Micmac) Environmental Health Department have over 50 years of combined experience troubleshooting water quality problems with both private and public drinking water wells. When you utilize the analytical services of our laboratory, our staff are well-qualified and ready to assist you to correct any water quality problems you may be experiencing.

Cherish Cole, Environmental Laboratory Manager and Analyst
Fred Corey, Quality Assurance Manager and Analyst
David Macek, Environmental Specialist, Farm/Hatchery Manager and Analyst
Shannon Hill, Environmental Health Director